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The weights used to fix the boat in maritime are called IRON when used on large ships, and they are called ANCHOR or ANCH when used in smaller boats.

The anchor you choose should be suitable for the length and weight of the boat. The efficiency of the anchor types used varies according to the ground, weather conditions and the boat.

Anchors can generally be divided into two as embedded in the ground and holding the ground. There are dozens of types of anchors with different characteristics that are produced according to these characteristics and are mostly known and sold by their trade names. To give a few well-known and used examples:
Danfort and Plow are the most commonly used anchor types, which are embedded in sand and gravel soils and hold very well. Admiralti (Admiralty) or Foldable 4-Arm (Umbrella Anchor) is preferred instead, as it is difficult to reach the bottom on reeds and mossy soils.

The Admiralti anchor is a traditional type of anchor that holds very well on rocky and reedy, mossy soils. It has poor grip on sand and mud.

Bruce type anchor does not have a chip and arms, so it fits easily into the slot on the nose reel of the boat, holds well on sandy floors, weak on moss floors. Delta type rock is weak on the ground, holds well in the sand. Call us for your “anchor pocket, chain path, anchor shooting kit, anchor reel, head sheet” needs.